Beautifully conceived design meets meticulous master craftsmanship.

Livingstone Traveller

In tailoring our collections, Zambezi Grace selects exclusively Nile crocodile, the rare and coveted hide that is synonymous with unsurpassed luxury. Our ingenious material is lightweight yet durable, and the natural distinctions of the hide ensure the individual character and original appeal of each piece.

We respect the heritage of time-honored, proven traditions and skills of our European Master Craftsmen. We create each Nile crocodile product with an unapologetic desire for perfection. At the helm of this pursuit stands our Creative and Artistic Director Hanspeter Winklmayr. Winklmayr leads an orchestra of master craftsmen, each dedicated to a care, artistry and passion that sets Zambezi Grace apart.

We invite you to join our audacious pursuit of unparalleled perfection.

"We are a brand that is handcrafted by masters, under my guidance. We are not working with machines, but rather by hand. When I design, I think about our customer who is going to wear it. Everything is about detail, how it fits together to make life organized and look magnificent."
—Hanspeter Winklmayr.

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