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Our Ethos

In the creation of our Nile crocodile brands, we combine classic master leather and innovative design to create luxurious pieces for contemporary needs. Our stylish brands are made from material that is lightweight yet durable, and the natural distinctions of the hide showcase the unique character of each carefully crafted piece. Our integrated supply chain and responsible stewardship promotes consistently high standards of environmental, agricultural & manufacturing sustainability.

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Standards of excellence

Responsible management

As a leading crocodile leather provider to the largest luxury groups and brands in the world, we insist on the highest standards of excellence. We control and oversee our entire process, from farming, to tanning and handcrafting. We advocate for a meaningful integration between our three objectives: exceptional quality, environmental and agricultural sustainability, and support of the rural economy of Southern Africa through job creation and skills development.

Stewarding the Environment


Our dedication to protect and conserve nature is a core value of Zambezi Grace culture. We aspire to pass on a world as beautiful and abundant as the one we inherited. Thus, we seek innovative solutions to properly utilise and develop our resources. We promote sustainable practices that minimise our environmental impact and insist on high standards of animal health and welfare. We are committed to positively develop our business in a way that is in harmony with it’s environment.